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5 Reasons to use social media for your business


By This time, having an account in any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tick tok, you name it – Has become a common habit for personal and business’s use. This powerful outlet helps everyone knows what is happening with the world. But, do you know how valuable it is having your name/brand to be in any of these platforms?

What you may not be familiar with, it is the benefits of these accounts when having or creating a business or start up. Here are the most important factors that we think social media can help & let people know about your services.

5 reasons why Social Media is so Important for any business

1. Help you reach more customers

One of the advantages of being in social media is reaching more people by posting about your services, having ads or simply anything that comes to mind in relation of what you offer. This process will help you tremendously understand what they like, dislike and interest and over time understand how to be more efficient with your post.

2. Built a relationship

By understanding in people’s feedback, you will be more aware of the things you offer in your services are good, need some improvement, or simple don’t work as you wish. it is a way to understand people’s opinion, to communicate and understand better what they like and by doing this process not only you get to know them but you ‘ll be able to gain their trust as long as they were happy with what you applied. Believe me! A customer happy will always come back and this consistency could be more powerful than social media itself.

3. Remind people about your Brand

Having the name of your brand it not enough, you’ll have to remind them you exist. You do this by posting and let it know you are in the present. A lot of companies don’t have time for this but people know when you are posting once in a while so they are aware you keep updating your status. 

4. Market Research for your business

Remember, there is always gonna be room for improvement. Whatever what your services are or what you can offer, adapting to new technology is never easy. It requires time and patience to learn how it works, but it is a necessary improvement since nowadays technology moves extremely fast and new changes are constant in any new platform if you want to use it.

5. Get noticeable & save time

Time is valued. We know we can always promote our posts using own accounts, we offer a package for it as well. But, have you realize how long does it take for that? Either Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google and any other major platform offers a way to promote your business’s ads in a faster, targeted, and productive way and with your right location and preferable niche. Remember! time is money.

No matter what platform you choose to use, none of them will guaranteed 100% the growth of your business. But, In the other hand, you will get to know your own business much better, what works, which platform is best for you and more importantly, remind people it’s real and exists.

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