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All I need to build a website – part 1

The simple idea of building a website on your own may be scary and confusing if you’re not a web developer. You may not know where to start or how to start. In today’s world is extremely important and necessary to have a website for you or your business. A website represent professionalism and provides information to potential clients or customers interested on what you do or what your services are.

The benefits are extremely valuable since by having a website you will be making you or your business’s information accessible to the public with a simple click from any browser in the world.

Why do I need a website if I can use free social media?

The answer is pretty simple, as mentioned previously a website will change for the best, your personal appearance or your business’s image in a professional way. Social media is a tool and it goes pair to pair with a website, but in order to look serious about what to do, you must provide a link to your website and services. Having social media accounts can help market your services but is not enough when trying to appear serious on what you do.

Potential clients will search for you and look for your services, which will give them more trust if they choose to go forward and reach you. Remember your information will be accessible 24/7 for everyone to see.

What is require in order to have a website?

In order to have a website you must count with the following:

1. A domain name

A domain name is the internet address that you choose to have for your website, for example, www.yourwebsite.com. This name has to be unique, you must be flexible when picking a name due to the high demand for its use. It is always recommended to have a second or even third option when picking a name.

1. The hosting

A hosting is a web space where your files will be placed (documents, images, etc). All these files will contribute to display the content of your site. A simple way to look at it is as you were to have an imaginary external hard drive on the web.

Now you know the basics of having your own website. On part 2 I will suggest and point out some domain and hosting companies that I work with on my previews projects. The different between them what you’ll need to know in order to purchase for first hosting plan for your new website.

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