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How to keep focused on times of Covid

How to keep focused on times of Covid?

In these days it’s very hard to keep the concentration and focus on the things that they used to matter to us when we talk about work, especially when we are bombarded by news and stories about this Coronavirus pandemic. It is very normal to be afraid or concern about us and the people we love. This is something we have to take seriously and it’s very important to take the necessary percussions in order to take good care of our health.

But if we work remotely, how can we concentrate and focus when this pandemic keeps changing the way we live?

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Today, it is practically impossible not listen to any subject that is related to this Corona issue, and yet we have to find the way to keep moving and go on with our lives. Some of us are familiar with this idea of “working from home”. But in order to minimize risk, many companies require their employees to stay and work from home for the next coming days. Here are some tips that might help you keep focusing on your projects.

  • Be disciplined: Take action, be disciplined requires effort, patience and time if you are not used to it. It makes way to productivity and focuses on the things that need to be done by avoiding those obstacles that block the path to your goal.
  • Minimizing distractions: When working at home, avoid phones unless you need to use them, avoid tv news (they only bad news these days). Let everyone know you’ll need to complete a task so you can avoid interruptions. Listen to some relaxing or concentration beats to help you focus on your work.
  • Take breaks, they are necessary: These are stressful times we’re going through, even if your mind is busy with work. It is important to take time to breathe, rest and laugh if possible. Especially now when you are closer to your love ones. Clearing up your mind is always helping to regain energy to get back into gear.
  • Communication, communication, communication: That’s right! should I add one more… Communication is the key to any relationship, even to this new one you are about to embark on. When you are working at home, you’ll deal with more distractions than your own office. Let everyone know you need to work, explain the importance of your time and set your working hours schedule. Be clear and they will respect that.
  • Mark your progress: Make a list of the things that need to be done, keep crossing them out once you finish. This is not only a way to keep you organized but it’ll motivate you, and give you the strength to continue and finish every task.
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