Meet Krisztina

Krisztina has extensive experience when it comes to photography. Traveling extensively definitely has given her a very unique perspective of photographing places, the lives, and cultures of many in all the corners of the world.

Photography has become extremely important in today’s work environment and the need for professional photography is something you should NOT take for granted. Photographs from Portrait, stablishments, headshots, family & kids, newborns, weddings, etc. Invest in your business or in yourself, the more professional they look the better you look to your potential clients or employers. Believe us! it will make the difference.

Krisztina is a proud mother of one daughter, and frequently travels between Tampa Bay, Florida to New Jersey, and New York areas.

Photography in New York, New Jersey and Tampa FL

Capture memories or add value to your personal or business, or simply make a great presence on your favorite social media. Creativity not only comes from the person behind the lens but from our clients being photographed

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