Social Media Management & Marketing


Nowadays is extremely important to have a presence in the most popular social media platforms there are. If your services or your business name are not or not mentioned in any of these platforms as you wish, it simply doesn’t exist.

These platforms are the new home of the consumer, and they need to know you are there to provide your services. Do not waste time and let us help you have the presence you deserve.

Why Social Media?

Social Media is a fantastic tool to promote your site, your services, and business. It is a window to the world and an opportunity to have direct contact with your client or consumer. It is an option you or your business should do not take it from granted.

Your services and your business are already living in the digital world, even though your brand is not present. A prospect client or consumer requests every day the same services you provide to Google.


Your brand or services do not show! This is the case of millions of small business owners. Let’s simplify and put it this way… “The more your brand, services, or business are mentioned, The bigger chances you have to be visible and have more exposure in the world wide web“.

Yes, we’d love to help you!

Social Media Advertising & Marketing

Prices & Packages

Having trouble deciding on a Social Media Package? Contact us and one of our design consultants will be able to guide you into making the right decision. You can also send us an email to [email protected]



per month
  • 1 Social Media Account
  • 1 Post Daily
  • 2 Custom Animated Ads (5s/ea)
  • 4 Custom Graphic ads
  • keyword Segmentation
  • Content Creation
  • Campaign Report
  • *Additional Ad $60 ea


per month
  • 4 Social Media Accounts
  • 3 Post Daily (Per Account)
  • Total of 20 ads Design
  • 10 Animated ads (5s/ea)
  • 10 Animated ads (10s/ea) or 10 Graphic ads
  • keyword Segmentation
  • Content Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • Community Engagement
  • Campaign Reports
  • Time Posting Research
  • 2 Social Media accounts News feed website installation
  • *Additional Ad $60 ea


per month
  • 2 Social Media Accounts
  • 2 Post Daily (Per Account)
  • Total of 12 ads Design
  • 5 Custom Animated ads (5s/ea)
  • 7 Custom Graphic Ads
  • keyword Segmentation
  • Content Creation
  • Campaign Reports
  • Time Posting Research
  • 1 Social Media account News feed website installation
  • *Additional Ad $60 ea

These prices and packages are month by month basis. You can cancel anytime. NO contracts, No extra fees.

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