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Medusa and sculpture stone concept
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House of Myth

The Journey of video editing

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The journey of video editing for sculptures with Lawrence, once again was nothing short of a delightful adventure. As he describe the process of their pieces (Insectiary, Censor, and House of Myth), symphony of creativity unfolded before my eyes. The sculptural forms came alive in the digital realm, dancing with light and shadow, telling a story beyond the tangible. What started as a collaboration soon transformed into an exhilarating experience, as every edit became a brushstroke on the canvas of motion. The joy in crafting each frame, the thrill of sculptural nuances syncing with the rhythm of editing software – it was an artistic rendezvous that blurred the lines between the tangible and the digital. Through laughter, misunderstanding, and, in the end, shared vision, the final video emerged, a testament to the fusion of sculpture and cinematic magic, a testament to the boundless joy found in the art of creation.

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