What is a landing page & what is it good for?

What is a landing page & what is it good for?

What is a landing page & what is it good for?

A landing page is a simple web page with the single purpose of describing a product or service with the benefits that you offer to your potential customers or clients. A landing page is generally used to advertise a product, with the content that will lead or invite viewers to click and visit your site and whatever you are offering in it. It is good to link out various resources that will help and increase traffic to your website.

A landing page is not the regular basic page that you see on websites, landing pages usually can be found when its URL or the web address is shared in a post, social media or simply found under specifics keywords used mostly for search engines.

Create your own Landing Page

A landing page must have a Call to Action, either a button or a form for potential clients to fill up. Not a lot of information but enough to describe what are the benefits of the products or services you’re offering. It must be simple, easy to read and friendly in order to catch the eye and interest.

In order to create a landing page, you must have:

  • Images of products or services.
  • Brief content describing your product or services.
  • Your information (either phone number, web page or social media address)
  • Share the link to your social media pages
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