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why is so important to be constantly active on your Google Business Profile?

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Hey there, young entrepreneurs! Today, we’re going on an exciting adventure into the digital world to talk about something super cool and important: your Google Business Profile! 🚀

Now, I know what you might be thinking, “I already have Google Business Profile, and why should I care?” Well, imagine you have a magic map that leads people to your lemonade stand. That’s your Google Business Profile, and it can make your business and website famous on the internet! Let’s find out how.

1. What's this Google Thing:

Did you know? Google is like a superhero library for the internet!

Okay, first things first, Google is like a super-smart librarian for the internet. It helps people find information about everything – from the best pizza in town to your amazing homemade cookies!

When you create a Google Business Profile, it’s like telling Google, “Hey, I’m here, and I’m ready to serve some awesome stuff!” Google then shares your info with people searching for what you offer. So, if you have a pet-sitting service, when someone types, “I need a pet sitter,” Google might just send them your way. Cool, right?

2. Be Where the Magic Happens

Did you know? Google gets around 5.6 billion searches per day! That’s a lot of magic.

Imagine you’re a magician with a bunny in a hat. If you hide the hat at home, no one will see the magic. But if you take it to a big magic show, everyone will “ooh” and “aah” at your awesome trick!

Your Google Business Profile is like taking your business to the biggest magic show on the planet. When you’re active on it, people see your business when they search for stuff related to what you do. More visibility means more customers, like more kids coming to your lemonade stand!

3. Reviews are Your Superpower

Did you know? Good reviews can make your business sparkle like a superhero’s cape!

Imagine you’re a superhero, and people tell everyone how awesome you are. That’s what reviews on your Google Business Profile are like! When people leave good reviews, it’s like they’re saying, “This business is SUPER!”

But remember, even superheroes have to work hard to stay super. So, always be super-nice to your customers, and they’ll leave glowing reviews. And guess what? Other kids looking for your services will read those reviews and say, “I want to hire this superhero!”

4. Share Your Story with Posts

Did you know? Sharing stories about your business can be as fun as telling superhero tales!

Imagine you’re a comic book artist, and you create cool stories about your superhero. People love reading them because they’re exciting and fun. That’s what posts on your Google Business Profile are – stories about your business!

Don’t depend on only Facebook or Instagram for your posts. You can share posts about new things you’re offering, special deals, or even fun events. It’s like telling everyone about your latest adventure. And guess what? People who follow your profile will see your posts and get excited to join in on the fun!

5. Stay Connected with Messages

Did you know? Messages help you chat with your customers, just like texting your best buddy!

Sometimes, superheroes need to have secret conversations with their superhero friends. Well, you can have secret chats too – with your customers! When people have questions or want to know more, they can send you a message right from your Google Business Profile.

It’s like having a secret phone line just for your business! You can answer their questions, help them out, and make new friends who love what you do.

6. Be the Boss of Your Info

Did you know? You can be the boss of your own superhero costume!

According to Entrepreneur Google My Business gives your business a powerful way to be found. Imagine if a superhero’s costume was all messy and wrinkled. Yikes, right? Your Google Business Profile is like your superhero costume, and you need to keep it looking super-snazzy!

You can update your info, like your business hours, phone number, and address, to make sure people can find you easily. It’s like having a special map that leads right to your door!

Being active on your Google Business Profile is like having a trusty sidekick in the digital world. It helps people find your business, leaves a trail of happy customers, and lets you share your amazing stories.

Remember, even superheroes need a little help to become super-famous, and your Google Business Profile can make it happen! So, get out there, update your profile, and watch your business soar like a superhero in the sky. 💫

Now, go and conquer the digital world, one Google Business Profile update at a time! 🚀

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